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Do you ever wonder if God has a plan for your love life?


 For as long as you can remember, you’ve dreamed of falling in love and getting married.

You've been praying and asking God for a husband.

Maybe you even have a Pinterest board showcasing your dream wedding.

Some days, you feel hopeful that God has someone out there for you.

But as friends get married around you, and your family asks why you’re still single, how do you trust God when your biggest dream goes unfulfilled?

And what does trusting God in this hookup culture even look like?


With your single life, tell me if you can relate...

You're tired of waiting on God for a husband. Maybe you've been doing all the right things, and you still don't understand why you're still single.

You know you should be happy in this season, but it's hard to be content when you really want to be in a relationship.

You want to focus on God and building friendships in this season, but you're sick of going to bed alone.

You're ready to meet your person but you're frustrated with the dating scene, and you can't handle any more awkward first dates.

Maybe you've been swiping left and right on the dating apps, getting your hopes up every time you match with a new guy. But when a guy doesn't ask you out or when he ghosts you, it hurts. (How could he do that to you?)

Or maybe you haven't had a serious boyfriend at all, and you're wondering if something is wrong with you. You want to date and meet the man God has for you, but why aren't you getting asked out?

Or maybe you thought a guy was the one, but after dating for a few months, he ends things. Why did God lead you into that relationship if he wasn't the one? You start to question whether God really is in control, and whether he hears your prayers.

If you’re struggling to trust God with your future husband, you aren't alone.

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I used to think that going out to the bars and sleeping with men was the way to find a husband. But after experiencing years of heartbreak, being ghosted on dating apps, and lots of Friday nights crying on my couch, I realized my approach to dating wasn’t working.

It would take a miracle to find my future husband. And I knew someone who specialized in miracles.

Surrendering my love life to God wasn’t easy, but God showed me areas of my life that were holding me back. He gave me strength to let go of people from my past. And God restored every broken piece of my heart that men had shattered over the years.

After a season of singleness, I started to like this guy at church. I prayed and asked God to confirm whether he could be the one, and I prayed that this guy would ask me out.

But 9 months went by and I started to think this guy wasn't the one. And I started to question whether God could really bring me my husband.

Why would I like this guy for so long if he wasn't the one? And why wasn't God moving?

As tears fell down my face, I told God I couldn't get my hopes up anymore. It hurt too much holding on to hope when this guy still hadn't asked me out. I wanted to give up, but I knew God was faithful. If his Word said that he would grant the desires of my heart and that he would provide my every need, then God would do it.

About a few months later, the guy I had liked for an entire year asked me out. And 9 months later, we got married.

God brought me a godly husband who was more than I ever prayed for and imagined. But trusting God's plans and timing for my love story was not easy.

Navigating singleness, dating, and sex is tough, especially if you have a past like me. But God really does work all things for good.


Which is why I wrote a Bible study that will remind you that God is writing your own love story...


It’s Time To Discover the Love Story God is Writing for You...



A 6-Session Bible Study on Singleness & Dating


Because singles need love too.

Trusting God with Your Love Story is a Bible study book that will help you trust God with your desire for marriage.

Instead of feeling frustrated or discouraged with being single, you'll study stories & scriptures in the Bible that will remind you of God's plan for your life.

And as you pray with intention over your love life, you'll position yourself to hear from God so he can reveal the plans--and future husband--that he has for you.

God has a plan to bring you and your future husband together, but he also has a purpose in your single life too.

As you surrender control of your love life to God, you'll also learn how to make the most out of being single, and how to actually enjoy this season.

This is not another Christian dating book. This Bible study is an opportunity to seek God's Word & to experience God personally in your love life.

I need this Bible study! How much does it cost & are their group Bible study options?


This Bible Study is for you if...

You want God to show you the plans & future husband he has for you.

You want God to confirm whether his plans for you include marriage at all.

You want to make the most out of being single as you trust God's timing for marriage.

You want to have more confidence in yourself & who God created you to be.

You want to learn how to pursue dating & marriage in a way that honors God.

You want God to guide you & show you how to put yourself out there when it comes to dating.

You want to study what the Bible has to say about love, marriage, and relationships.

You want to have peace about being single, instead of worrying about your future.

You want to surrender your plans & love life to God.

You've read all the other Christian dating books out there, and need a reminder that God is writing your love story <3

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And how will this Bible study help me find a husband?


Only God knows who your future husband is and when you'll meet. But when you take the time to read God's Word and study with intention over your love life, you position yourself to hear from God. He wants to guide you and show you the plans, and future husband, that he has for you.

But it's up to you to seek God and the plans he has for you.

In Trusting God with Your Love Story, you'll seek God's Word and pray over several areas of your love life.

Each week covers a different topic to help you navigate singleness & dating to discover the plans God has for you.


You'll learn:

  • How God defines love, and what love is supposed to look like in a relationship
  • How to expose the lies or myths you've been believing about love
  • Why God created marriage & the purpose of getting married
  • How to make a difference in the world with your marriage
  • What it means to be equally yoked in marriage, and why Christians should only date other Christians


You'll learn:

  • How to let Jesus define your worth instead of your relationship status
  • How to surrender insecurities to God & have confidence in who God created you to be
  • How to break free from comparison & how to celebrate what God is doing in your life
  • How to use beauty & your body in a way that honors God in dating
  • How to break free from rejection & have the courage to step out to date again


You'll learn:

  • How to wait for God's best when you're tempted to settle
  • How to not give up when you're sick of waiting
  • How to surrender the pain of being single to God
  • How to trust God when you feel like he has abandoned you
  • The key to trusting God when you're starting to doubt if he can bring you a husband


You'll learn:

  • How to surrender any fear you have about dating or marriage
  • How to receive forgiveness & God's grace from your past
  • How to let God heal your heart from past relationships, and the key to being fully healed
  • How to break free from sexual strongholds, including lust & ungodly soul ties
  • How to give God control of your love life (and how to stop the devil from controlling it!)


You'll learn:

  • How to surround yourself with godly mentors & community
  • How to discover your purpose & serve God right where you are as a single woman
  • How to speak life over your singleness & dating life instead of cursing it
  • The characteristics of a godly man, & how to tell if a guy has a true heart for God
  • How to fight back & stand strong against temptation


You'll learn:

  • How God positions you to meet your future husband
  • How to step out in faith to date & how to put yourself out there to meet other single men
  • How to pray for your future husband without him becoming an idol in your life
  • How to surrender your desires to God & how to let God give you the desires he has for you
  • How God confirms who you are supposed to marry through the Holy Spirit
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Read a sample from the Bible study

What ladies are saying about Trusting God with Your Love Story...


"Each chapter was so thought out and felt like God was speaking directly to me. I have so much more faith and trust that God is directing my steps during my single season and has a husband for me in His perfect timing. I am so thankful to have read this bible study." 


"I felt truly loved and seen by God, like He was personally preparing me for my future dating and marriage journey through this study. I honestly gained so much confidence in who God made me to be as Erin led me to the Scripture I needed to hear and believe. This is by far one of the most impactful Bible studies I have ever gone through!"


"Wow… I struggled with the trend of dating in this crazy world. Sleeping around, and not understanding my true worth in God, and not knowing what a proper man of God was. This Bible study is ORGANIZED, and very intentional… I learned so much about who I am, and what I am worth through the eyes of God. It helped me filter out what was not of God, especially in the dating world. This study gave me insight on what a husband of God will look like and what to be looking for!"


How much does it cost & what are my options for doing the Bible study?

Some women pay hundreds, or even thousands, on an online course or dating coach to help them find a husband.

But for less than the cost of 4 lattes, you can get the Bible study book to start studying what God has to say about finding a spouse.

And since you'll save A LOT of money by investing in this Bible study rather than an online course or dating coach, treat yo' self to a latte as you embark on this Bible study over the next 6 weeks & consider joining the Fun & Holy Tribe 😊

Some ministries charge almost $300 for an online course without any live community element, but for less than half the price, you can join the Fun & Holy Tribe for live community discussions & coaching by the author, Erin Kiu.

You have 3 options for doing the Bible study:

  1. SELF-STUDY - Do the Bible study on your own with the book
  2. FUN & HOLY TRIBE - Do the Bible study with a group of single ladies in a virtual group Bible study, hosted by the author & founder of Fun & Holy, Erin Elise Kiu
  3. LEAD YOUR OWN GROUP BIBLE STUDY - Lead your own group of friends through the Bible study




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You can do the Trusting God with Your Love Story Bible study book on your own or with others in a group.

The study is structured as a 6-week study… where you’ll study a different topic for six weeks for five days out of the week.

Each day you’ll have Bible verses to study, devotions, prayers, and questions to reflect on with each topic.

If you've never done a Bible study book before, it's like a devotional and journal all in one.

So if you love to journal and reflect on how God is speaking to you, you'll love the Bible study format.

And if you're new to reading the Bible--or still don't know how to read the Bible--don't worry girl. 

This Bible study book will teach you how to study scriptures and how to position yourself to hear from God, especially when it comes to being single and dating.


FAQs About the Trusting God with Your Love Story Bible Study

Have other questions about the Bible study? See if your question is answered below. If not, shoot me an email at [email protected].


Want to do a Bible study with single ladies in community?

A group virtual Bible study with other single ladies

Join the Fun & Holy Tribe.

Because single ladies need community now more than ever.


You don't have to navigate singleness & dating alone. God created us to be in community and to encourage one another, and I don't know about you, but when I was single I needed A LOT of encouragement.

If you want to go through the Bible study with other single ladies in community where you encourage & pray for each other, then the Fun & Holy Tribe is for you.

In the Fun & Holy Tribe, you'll go through the study as a group, including:

  • 7 weeks of live zoom calls to discuss and connect with other single ladies
  • Group community calls are hosted by the author of Trusting God with Your Love Story, Erin Kiu

This is the only group Bible study for single ladies that offers face-to-face community online.

No prerecorded videos or overcrowded Facebook groups here


The Fun & Holy Tribe sounds amazing! How can I join a group Bible study?

The doors to join a group Bible study in the Fun & Holy Tribe are currently closed. More group Bible studies are expected to start again in early 2023. Join the waitlist to be one of the first ones to be notified when the group Bible studies are available again.

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Hi! I'm Erin Kiu. I encourage single women not to give up on the plans (and future husband) God has for them.


God answered my prayers for a godly husband, and I'm praying & believing that God will answer yours.

When I was single, I wanted more resources to help me navigate singleness and dating in a way that honored God. (Especially resources that weren't afraid to talk about sex & the messy parts of life before becoming a Christian.)

But I struggled to find Christian resources for single ladies that would encourage women to make the most out of being single while still believing & trusting God for a husband.

Which is why God put it on my heart to write Trusting God with Your Love Story: A 6-Session Bible Study on Singleness & Dating.

A Bible study just for single ladies.

Because singles need love too.

I can't wait to hear how God speaks to you through this Bible study.

If you've loved the prayers in the 14-day future husband prayer challenge, or the encouragement from the weekly Fun & Holy emails, you will love this Bible study.

And if you want to know more about my testimony & how God transformed my life before I met my husband, read my testimony in One Transforming Love.

Do you want more advice & encouragement as you trust God with your husband?

Follow me on Instagram for more dating tips & weekly encouragement :)

With Love,

Erin Elise Kiu