Do you ever wonder why you're still single, or when you'll meet your future husband?

If you're tired of being single and want to meet the man that God has for you, this is for you my friend.

14-Day Attracting Your Future Husband Challenge

Join this FREE 14-day challenge and learn how to:

  • Hear God's voice as he shows you his plans for marriage
  • Pray over your future husband and yourself as you wait on God to bring you together
  • Trust God with your singleness and with your desire for marriage
  • Thrive in your singleness and how to serve God right where you are
  • Walk in obedience and date in a way that honors God
  • Become the Godly woman and wife your husband is looking for

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God hears our prayers. He answered my prayers & brought me my husband. Now, I'm believing it's your turn.

Trusting God with your future husband and your love story is not easy. For the longest time, I doubted whether God would bring me someone that also loved God and who would want to date me. 

I was so used to meeting guys that only wanted to hook up or who didn't want to commit to a relationship. I knew it would take a miracle from God to find a boyfriend but I didn't understand why I was always single.

As I pursued a relationship with God, he showed me all the things that I had been doing wrong that were preventing me from attracting my future husband and the life God had for me.

As I learned to work on myself when I was single, God also showed me how to pray intentionally for my future husband.

And in 2020, I experienced the greatest miracle after my salvation. My husband and I started dating, got engaged and got married all in 9 months! 

Prayer is powerful. My love story is proof that God hears our prayers and is moving miraculously behind the scenes to bring his people together.

If you are asking God where your future husband is, this challenge is for you.

I'm sharing the top bible verses and prayers I prayed as I waited on God to bring me my husband. I'm also sharing the things God revealed to me that were preventing me from dating my future husband.

You can trust God with your love story. He does hear your prayers. If you are ready for God to reveal the next chapter in your love story, join me in this free, 14-day prayer challenge!

- Erin Elise Kiu - 

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